Student Uses ChatGPT To Complete English Homework, Gets Caught Because…

The 7th grader entirely copied the chatbot’s response

OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which was launched in November last year, has exploded in popularity worldwide and has become the fastest-growing consumer application in history. The chatbot has been grabbing eyeballs with its ability to have natural conversations with users and answer a range of questions. Now, students around the world are also using the bot to complete their homework and assignments, much to the annoyance of their teachers.

Recently, a Twitter user shared how his cousin was caught using ChatGPT to do his English homework, all because of a single sentence. Notably, one of the lines in the homework reads, ”As an AI language model, I don’t have personal expectations or opinions.” It seems that the 7th grader entirely copied the chatbot’s response and forgot to erase it from his assignment. The small mistake eventually gave away that the piece was copied.

Not only that but the word ‘poignant’ has also been highlighted by the teacher, as class 7 students normally don’t use such mature vocabulary in their answers.

”My little cousin Arjun got caught using ChatGPT on his 7th grade English homework,” reads the tweet shared by Roshan Patel, along with a picture of the assignment.

Check the tweet here:

My little cousin Arjun got caught using ChatGPT on his 7th grade English homework.

— Roshan Patel (@roshanpateI) June 1, 2023

The tweet has gone viral, amusing internet users who shared a variety of responses. Users wrote how that even for cheating, one needs to apply some thought because a teacher can easily spot a lazy copy-paste hack.

One user wrote, ”Bruh at least read over it… It’s meant to be a tool, not a replacement lmao. I use it to help me formulate ideas and responses, then I add my own language to it.”

Another commented, ”How could he write that sentence without even thinking about it.”

A third said, ”If he made it to 7th grade and didn’t figure out to take that part of the response out, the system is failing our kids.”

”He kinda deserves it, got to learn it the hard way!” wrote a fourth. A fifth added, ”I am getting more and more convinced that ai is for smart people only.”

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