Manish Malhotra reveals surprise detail about Parineeti’s dress

As fans and internet users continue to fawn over Parineeti Chopra’s beautiful bridal attire and overall wedding look, the designer of the bespoke outfit Manish Malhotra has come forward and shared some heart-warming details that were included in the design of the dress for the special sentimental value they held.

The ace designer took to his Instagram profile yesterday to post a carousel of pictures and penned a note to explain a minute but significant addition that was made to Parineeti’s champagne-gold bridal lehnga choli. Included in the post was a picture from Parineeti’s big day in which the designer-and-muse duo could be seen laughing and smiling while looking at each other. In the note, the fashion magnate revealed that Parineeti wished to carry a piece of her late maternal grandmother with her on her special day and the way they were able to do that was by integrating her challa in the tassel of the bridal lehnga.

Other pictures in the swipe-through post included close-up shots of the bride’s lehnga and the intricate tassel that dangled from its belt. A large, elaborate, embroidered, embellished, and handmade tassel is considered an extra dramatic detail that is often incorporated into the lehnga-choli silhouette to give it a somewhat auditory quality as the baubles hanging from it tinkle against one another with the wearer’s every movement.  

“Some details make all the difference. I distinctly remember discussing the lehenga design with Parineeti, who mentioned adding her Nani’s challa (traditional keychain) to it! She wanted to pay a heartfelt tribute to her nani, who used to wear the same challa in her saree with the keys, a symbol of being the lady of the house,” wrote Manish under the post as he explained the emotional meaning behind the small trinkets that swayed at the ends of the gold, beaded tassel.

“For Parineeti, the sound of the challa when her nani walked around the house, was a melody of strength and grace. And that’s when I knew we HAD to add that piece of legacy to her lehenga. Of course, we added more elements that were significant to both Raghav and Parineeti like London, music, Khanda Sahib and more. It was not just an accessory… but a piece of her that Parineeti would have on her special day,” added the couturier.

In the same week, Parineeti also took to her Instagram Story to write a heartfelt note to her fans, thanking them for all the blessing and love she and her husband Raghav had received following their union.

“Raghav and I wanted to take a moment to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are bursting with gratitude for the outpour of love and warm wishes. While we may not have had the chance to respond to each and every message personally (life’s been a whirlwind, as you can imagine), please know that we’ve been reading everything with joy in our hearts. As we embark on this beautiful journey together, it means the world to us knowing that you’re all standing by our side. Your love and blessings are truly priceless, and we couldn’t have been more thankful,” read the post.

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