Cop martyred in North Waziristan ambush


In another tragic incident that underscores the persistent security challenges in the North Waziristan tribal district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P), Constable Farman Jan became the latest victim of a targeted attack.

The chilling attack took place in broad daylight as Constable Farman Jan was heading home after completing his duty. Unidentified terrorists ambushed him on his journey, resulting in his untimely demise. The incident took place in the town of Miranshah.

The assailants, once again, managed to evade capture, leaving the community in shock and fear. A significant police presence descended upon the area, cordoning it off and launching an intensive door-to-door search operation. Multiple individuals were apprehended on suspicion as part of the investigative efforts, marking this incident as a clear act of terrorism and a targeted attack on law enforcement.

Law enforcement registered a First Information Report (FIR) and opened investigation to bring those responsible to justice. The fallen constable, Constable Farman Jan, received his final honors at the police lines. His casket was presented with a solemn salute, and his body was laid to rest in the ancestral graveyard.

North Waziristan has long been plagued by instability, making it one of the most volatile tribal districts in the province. Regrettably, police and security forces have consistently found themselves in the crosshairs of ruthless terrorists who aim to disrupt peace and stability in the region.

This recent attack serves as a grim reminder of the challenges faced by the region. Just in July, a vehicle-borne suicide bombing in Miranshah claimed the lives of three soldiers and critically injured several civilians.

The martyred soldiers, Naib Subedar Sahib Khan, Naik Muhammad Ibrahim, and Sepoy Jehangir Khan, made the ultimate sacrifice .

Published in The Express Tribune, September 18th, 2023.

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