Influencers are the use of meals dye as faux lipstick — however is it protected?

TikTok is a dumping floor for never-ending good looks methods and hacks — and the most recent one has raised some doubt over how protected it’s.

Users are making their very own lip-stain by means of immediately making use of meals dye to their lips and developing their very own colours by means of blending more than a few hues in combination.

TikTokers are adamant that the meals coloring — in most cases used for zhuzhing up baked items — is rather like common store-bought lip coloring and are praising its longevity,

“This actually simply appears like a regular lip stain. I’m now not even kidding,” well-liked TikTok writer Kirsty Belle advised her 1.1 million audience as she attempted the meals dye.

The good looks trick has won consideration from extra good looks TikToker — together with by way of consumer Sarah Wolak‘s experiments with more than a few tints for which she garners greater than 200,000 perspectives every — spurring a development of DIY lip stains. And, sure, it can get messy quickly for those who’re now not cautious.

TikTok’s good looks neighborhood is loving this affordable lip-stain technique.
Food dye is safe to eat, but how is it to apply as a lip stain?
Food dye is suitable for eating, however what about making use of it as a lip stain?

Food coloring is suitable for eating, after all. However, that doesn’t essentially imply it’s protected to place in your pores and skin. The dye is more likely to stain your flesh for a couple of days, even supposing it shouldn’t accomplish that completely.

TikTok is a haven for DIY hacks, with customers incessantly touting methods and methods — some superb and a few absurd.

Just final 12 months, TikTokers have been striking a couple of drops of cinnamon very important oil into their lip gloss after which generously making use of it to their lips.

TikTok customers have been additionally dousing Q-tips with castor oil and making use of it to their brows and eyelashes day by day.

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