These blueberry crumble bars with a granola vibe are naturally sweet

Creating recipes for less-sugary baked goods has become a calling for me. I love to bite into a tender muffin, slice of banana bread or cookie with my afternoon tea, but I find most store-bought options and standard recipes overly sweet. Sometimes I’ll use a popular recipe and simply cut back on the amount of sugar called for, but the substitution isn’t always that straightforward. Often the formula needs to be reworked entirely to make a truly desirable, less-sweet baked good and, from what I can tell, there aren’t many reliable sources out there doing it. (Two who have tackled lower sugar baking exceptionally well are Brian Levy, author of “Good and Sweet,” and Jennifer Tyler Lee, author of “Half the Sugar, All the Love.”) I am happy to step in to help fill this need, especially since it means I get to taste a lot of sweet (but not too-sweet) goodies.

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