Actress Angie Harmon sues Instacart and their delivery driver

In a shocking turn of events, actress Angie Harmon has taken legal action against grocery delivery service Instacart and one of its delivery drivers following the tragic death of her beloved pet dog, Oliver. 

Harmon, 51, filed a lawsuit in response to the incident that occurred just over a month ago, seeking over $25,000 in damages, according to court documents as reported by PEOPLE.

The lawsuit, which alleges trespassing, negligence, invasion of privacy, and more, targets both Instacart and the driver, identified as Christopher Anthoney Reid. 

In the filing, Harmon’s legal team claims that on March 30, she scheduled a grocery delivery from a Charlotte, North Carolina grocery chain and interacted with the driver through the Instacart app, believing she was communicating with a person named “Merle.” 

However, upon delivery, Reid, who was impersonating “Merle” on the app, arrived at Harmon’s property instead.

The situation took a tragic turn when Harmon, with her children in the backyard, heard what sounded like a gunshot. 

Rushing to investigate, she allegedly found Reid, a “tall and intimidating younger man,” on her property with a gun and her dog, Oliver, shot. 

Despite rushing Oliver to the veterinarian, the beloved pet ultimately succumbed to his injuries.


The incident sparked an investigation by local law enforcement, during which Reid claimed self-defense, alleging that Oliver had attacked him. 

However, Harmon’s legal team disputes this claim, stating that Reid had ample opportunity to leave the property unharmed without resorting to violence.

In response to the lawsuit, Instacart provided a statement expressing condolences to Harmon and her family and emphasizing their zero-tolerance policy for violence. 

They confirmed the suspension of the shopper involved and their cooperation with law enforcement.

This lawsuit marks the latest development in a heartbreaking saga that began when Harmon first shared the news of Oliver’s death on Instagram. 

The driver, who was initially let go by authorities, claimed self-defense, a claim disputed by Harmon, who pointed out the lack of injuries on the driver.

While the investigation by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department did not result in criminal charges against the driver, Harmon’s lawsuit seeks accountability and justice for the tragic loss of her beloved pet.


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