PTI protest leaves travellers stranded


Travellers in Peshawar witnessed a tumultuous scene as they found themselves caught in a gridlock due to a protest organised by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) against the alleged poll rigging.

The protest demonstration, which entered its third consecutive day in opposition to the election results, disrupted normal life, particularly affecting the flow of traffic on GT Road and surrounding areas where continuous queues of vehicles blocked an entire network of intersecting streets.

The situation aggravated as ambulances were also stuck in traffic, raising concerns about prompt access to emergency services.

According to reports, the congestion stretched to the nearby streets such as Dalazak Road as the drivers looked for alternative routes to avoid the protest venues.

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Nonetheless, these diversions did not provide any respite to the annoyed travellers. The overwhelming number of demonstrators and cars stopped the traffic despite the presence of law enforcement officials trying to control the situation and allowing for easier traffic flow.

While the authorities struggled to keep the peace and ensure that traffic flowed smoothly, the PTI activists persisted in their protest, demanding a review of the election results.

The Peshawar residents appeared to be prepared for more disturbances as the demonstrators and law officers remained at odds.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 13th 2024.

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