Passenger Claims They Found A Screw In Sandwich Given On IndiGo Flight

Unpleasant experiences with food served on flights and trains seem to have become almost ubiquitous. It seems that nearly every week, we come across viral posts of people complaining about the lack of hygiene or similar grave issues about the food. Among the latest incidents making headlines is the alleged discovery of a screw in a sandwich served on an IndiGo plane. The concerned passenger took to Reddit to share their grievance and reveal the staff’s response. Reddit user MacaroonIll3601 wrote that they travelled on a Bangalore to Chennai flight on February 1, 2024. They claimed that after finding a screw in their sandwich, they asked the airline to address the problem with an apology.

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However, they explained that they were told that IndiGo couldn’t be held liable as the sandwich had been consumed after the flight. Take a look at the post and the photo below:

Got a screw in my sandwich
byu/MacaroonIll3601 inbangalore

Disclaimer: NDTV does not vouch for the claims in the post by the Reddit user.

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The Reddit user has asked their fellow users for suggestions on approaching the issue further, “so Indigo can at least respond”. Several people online were left aghast at the sight of the screw in the sandwich. Others took the opportunity to leave sarcastic comments. Read some of the reactions below:

“Probably to help with IRON deficiency. How caring …!!! Aww…”

“That’s the wrong way to fix the sandwich.”

“Hopefully it wasn’t of an aircraft’s door.”

“I appreciate the airline’s plan to carry extra screws, considering what’s going on in aviation. It doesn’t matter if it’s Airbus. At least they have the spare parts.”

“If you found it on board then you’d have a case but you can’t pin it on them now. So, for now, accept that you’re screwed. You’d be nuts to go after them because you can’t nail them. Next time you see an Indigo flight, bolt!”

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