Average turnout remains 37.98% in Hyd


Around 37.98 per cent of registered voters exercised their suffrage during the General Election 2024 in Hyderabad.

Of 1,224,436 registered voters, only 46,4562 chose to vote for three seats of National Assembly and 45,6019 for the six seats of Sindh Assembly.

According to the Form 47 issued by the Returning Officers from the respective constituencies, 240 polling stations were set up for National Assembly Constituency NA 218. There were 338,955 registered voters in NA 218, including 178,290 men and 160,665 women.

In NA 218, 138,444 voters exercised their right to vote, including 78,968 men and 59,476 women.

Out of the total votes cast, 133,402 votes were valid and 5,042 votes were rejected. The turnout in this constituency was recorded at 40.84 per cent.

The election commission had set up 296 polling stations for National Assembly Constituency NA 219 which is home to 424,449 voters including and 229,980 men and 194,496 women.

Out of the total votes, 148,158 were cast, in which 92,814 male and 55,344 female voters exercised their right to vote. Out of the total votes cast, 145,151 were valid and 3,007 votes were rejected. Thus, the vote casting rate in this constituency was 34.91 per cent.

Similarly, 347 polling stations were established in NA 220, which has 461032 registered voters, including 254,055 male and 206,977 female. On the Election Day, 177,960 voters exercised their right to vote, including 112,702 men and 65,258 women. Out of the total votes cast, 175,324 votes were valid and 2,636 votes were rejected. The voting rate in this constituency was 38.6 per cent.

Sindh Assembly constituencies

According to Form 47, PS 60 of the Provincial Assembly boasted a total of 139,907 registered voters, comprising 73,009 males and 66,898 females. On Election Day, 54,228 votes were cast, with 31,741 males and 22,487 females participating. Among these, 52,629 votes were deemed valid while 1,599 were rejected, resulting in a voter turnout of 38.76 per cent.

In PS 61 Hyderabad 2, there were 199,048 registered voters spread across 135 polling stations. Of these, 105,281 were male and 93,767 were female voters. A total of 85,035 voters exercised their suffrage rights, with 48,505 males and 36,530 females participating. The constituency recorded 81,858 valid votes and 3,177 rejected ballots, equating to a polling ratio of 42.72 per cent.

According to Form 47, PS 62 Hyderabad 3 had a total of 178,973 registered voters, comprising 99,040 males and 79,933 females.

However, only 69,724 voters exercised their suffrage rights. Among these, 43,471 were males and 26,253 were females, resulting in 67,605 valid votes and 2,119 rejections, with a polling ratio of 38.96 per cent.

In PS 63 Hyderabad 4, there were 239,677 registered voters, with 127,661 males and 112,016 females. However, only 77,541 voters participated, including 50,040 males and 27,501 females. Among the votes cast, 75,911 were valid while 1,630 were rejected, yielding a voting rate of 32.35 per cent.

For PS 64 Hyderabad 5, out of 267,110 registered voters, consisting of 145,007 males and 122,103 females, only 99,535 exercised their right to vote. Among these voters, 64,549 were male and 34,986 were female. The constituency recorded 97,674 valid votes and 1,861 rejections, with a vote casting rate of 37.26 per cent.

In PS 65 Hyderabad 6, out of 199,721 registered voters, comprising 112,327 males and 87,394 females, only 69,956 voters turned out on Election Day, with 47,690 males and 22,266 females participating. Of the total votes cast, 68,242 were valid while 1,714 were rejected, resulting in a vote casting rate of 35.03 per cent.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 13th 2024.

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