18 holiday appetizer and drink recipes for parties big and small

First impressions aren’t everything, but it’s always helpful to kick off a big feast on a high note. Especially on Thanksgiving, setting out a few starters and drinks to nibble and sip on is a great way to ensure a good time for all as the anticipation for dinner builds. Whether you’re heading to a gathering and want to contribute a dish to help out the host, or you’re having family and friends over and are looking for a way to tide guests over while the main event comes together, we have a range of starters and cocktails that will get everyone in the festive spirit. For more Thanksgiving appetizer and drink ideas, check out our archive of over 10,000 tested recipes.

Source link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/food/2022/11/19/holiday-appetizers-starters-cocktails-drinks/

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