Rahul Gandhi Says Disagree With Digvijaya Singh’s Surgical Strikes Remark

Digvijaya Singh’s views are not views held by the party, Rahul Gandhi said.


Rahul Gandhi today said the Congress disagrees with senior leader Digvijaya Singh’s comments yesterday raising questions on India’s surgical strikes.

“We disagree with Digvijaya Singh’s views. The views of the party are above Digvijaya Singh’s views,” Rahul Gandhi said at a press conference in Jammu.

“The views of the party are generated from a conversation. Digvijaya Singh’s views are outlying views. They are not views held by the party. We are absolutely crystal clear – the armed forces do a job and they do the job exceptionally well. They don’t need to be providing proof,” the Congress leader said.

Rahul Gandhi’s clarification comes as the Congress faced massive criticism over Digvijaya Singh’s comments at a Bharat Jodo Yatra rally.

He said the government had given no proof of the surgical strikes against Pakistan and accused the government of “peddling lies”.

“Pulwama has been a hotbed of terrorism and every car is checked. A Scorpio car comes from the wrong side. Why was there no checking? Then there is a collision and 40 of our jawans are killed. To date, the government has not given information about the incident in parliament or in public,” said Digvijaya Singh at a rally during the Bharat Jodo Yatra.

“They talk about surgical strikes – that we killed these many people. But there is no proof. They are ruling by peddling a bundle of lies,” he added.

Hours later, the Congress said Mr Singh didn’t reflect the party’s views.

But the BJP seized on the comments and slammed the Congress as “anti-national” for questioning the army.

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