He gained in 2014, however will he in 2024, Bihar leader minister asks

After taking oath as Bihar Chief Minister an 8th time, thus proceeding within the chair with a transformation of companions, Nitish Kumar took a shot at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the following Lok Sabha elections: “He gained in 2014, however will he in 2024?”

Here are 10 key information in regards to the tale:

  1. Though Nitish Kumar time and again spoke of “operating against Opposition team spirit” to unseat the BJP on the Centre, he instructed journalists that he’s “no longer an aspirant for the PM’s submit”. “The query to invite is, if the one who got here in 2014 will win in 2024,” he stated.

  2. Elections in Bihar are due in 2025, a yr after the Lok Sabha contest. Nitish is prone to nonetheless be within the chair in 2024, this means that the who’ll-be-the-challenger hypothesis is not prone to die down quickly, particularly with the Congress weakened and the Opposition nonetheless a ways from united. His deputy as soon as once more, RJD’s Tejashwi Yadav had the day prior to this stated Nitish Kumar is the “maximum skilled leader minister in India at the moment”.

  3. Analysts have for years floated the speculation that Nitish Kumar might be the Opposition candidate in opposition to PM Modi, if the Congress performs a non-leading function. But it dies down as he floats out and in of alliances — with and in opposition to the BJP.

  4. Till the day prior to this, Nitish Kumar was once leader minister in a JDU-BJP alliance, which had gained in combination in 2019. And now he’s again with the RJD of outdated buddy Lalu Yadav, whose son can be his deputy within the new executive — a brand new model in their 2015 alliance. The Congress is one of the companions.

  5. The first model of the JDU-RJD-Congress tie-up — referred to as the ‘Mahagathbandhan’ or Grand Alliance — gained energy in 2015. That, too, got here after Nitish Kumar broke up with the BJP, finishing a two-decade dating. He made up with PM Modi’s birthday celebration two years later, and took a contemporary oath. The JDU-BJP alliance gained in 2020. Two years on, there is a transfer once more.

  6. Nitish Kumar these days stated he didn’t wish to be Chief Minister after the 2020 win in partnership with the BJP. “Ask folks within the birthday celebration (JDU), what they have got been diminished too. I didn’t wish to develop into CM… however I used to be put underneath power. Then you spot what took place. I’ve no longer even spoken to you (reporters) in two months.”

  7. He recalled the 2015 effects, and the JDU’s lower in seats since. “How many seats did we win in 2015? And then we went with the similar folks (BJP) and take a look at what we now have been diminished to.”

  8. In 2015, the JDU gained 70 seats as a part of the Grand Alliance’s 170. The RJD was once the only biggest birthday celebration with 81 seats, however Nitish Kumar become leader minister as chief of the pact.

  9. At provide, the JDU has 45 seats. The BJP, which has 77, made him leader minister regardless of the numbers — however with two deputies from its strong. He and his birthday celebration, it’s learnt, have been spooked by means of the Maharashtra coup through which the BJP aided a coup within the Shiv Sena to be again in energy. Tejashwi Yadav, too, has stated the BJP “desires to complete off regional events” and “usurps its companions”.

  10. On his destiny after but every other turn, Nitish Kumar these days stated, “Whether I can keep or no longer… let folks say what they have got to mention.”

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