Wasa officials ordered to transparent drains at Ashura procession routes

LAHORE:Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa) MD Ghafran Ahmed has directed his officials to discuss with all Imambargahs and procession routes and transparent any clogged drains but even so changing damaged manhole covers.

Wasa MD Ghafran Ahmed handed those instructions right here on Monday. He mentioned all of the administrators have been ordered to discuss with Majalis, Imambargahs and procession routes of their respective cities. He mentioned the officials have been prompt for instant answer of lawsuits of stagnant sewer water, open and damaged manhole duvet.

Wasa Managing Director (MD) mentioned that Wasa personnel and equipment could be on complete alert outdoor all Majalis and Imambargahs whilst tankers have additionally been deployed to supply blank ingesting water for the mourners collaborating within the processions and Majalis.

Source Link: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/980918-wasa-officers-ordered-to-clear-drains-at-ashura-procession-routes

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