Taliban declare they were not conscious al Qaeda leader used to be dwelling in Kabul

“The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has no details about Ayman al-Zawahiri’s arrival and keep in Kabul,” the Taliban mentioned in a observation Thursday.

“The management of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has suggested the investigative and intelligence businesses to habits a complete and critical investigation into the quite a lot of sides of the incident,” the Taliban added.

US President Joe Biden announced Monday that Zawahiri have been killed early Sunday by means of a US drone strike at a area in Kabul he have been living in.

A senior US management professional mentioned senior Taliban figures from the Haqqani community have been acutely aware of the al Qaeda leader’s presence within the house or even took steps to hide his presence after the strike, proscribing get right of entry to to the protected area and abruptly relocating individuals of his circle of relatives, together with his daughter and her kids.

The area through which al-Zawahiri used to be hiding is within the Sherpur house of the Green Zone, the place many of the officers from the former Afghan executive used to reside.

The Sherpur community used to be as soon as the web page of an outdated army base, however all through the years of civil warfare and the Taliban’s rule within the Nineteen Nineties it used to be left virtually unused.

In 2003, the Afghan protection ministry deserted it and the federal government divided it into greater than 50 plots, giving them to robust folks together with executive ministers and different high-ranking officers, plus warlords and drug lords. Their homes quickly won the nickname “poppy palaces.”

After the autumn of the Ashraf Ghani executive in August 2021, the vast majority of the house owners of Sherpur homes fled the rustic and their homes have been confiscated by means of the Taliban.

Source Link: https://www.cnn.com/2022/08/04/middleeast/taliban-zawahiri-location-kabul-intl/index.html

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