Rubber-soled boots will have stored lady’s lifestyles right through White House lightning strike, her mother says

Boots are made for strolling, however for Amber Escudero-Kontostathis, her Dr. Martens boots had a 2d, extra vital goal — saving her lifestyles.

Ms. Escudero-Kontostathis, 28, a D.C. resident, used to be the only survivor of the lightning strike Thursday close to the White House that took the lives of 3 others.

Doctors instructed Ms. Escudero-Kontostathis’ mom, Julie Escudero, that the lightning traveled via her daughter’s ft and out of her left arm.

Ms. Escudero, of Newbury Park, California, credit the rubber soles of the Dr. Martens boots for dampening the lightning’s energy, according to the Ventura County Star.

Ms. Escudero-Kontostathis used to be to start with revived on-site by means of a defibrillator; because the strike used to be so as regards to the White House, the Secret Service used to be already on-site to render support.

“The Secret Service males stored her. I’ve been looking for out their names so I will be able to in my view thank them. They revived her,” Ms. Escudero instructed the Ventura County Star.

Ms. Escudero-Kontostathis used to be in Washington, D.C., with a nonprofit known as Threshold Giving, which fits with refugees. When she used to be stuck in a thunderstorm, she sought refuge below a close-by grove of timber.

Trees, then again, are very good conductors of lightning, due to their peak and the moisture and sap inside of them. The timber dispensed the electrical energy to all 4 sufferers of the strike with a floor present, which is why the voltage moved via Ms. Escudero-Kontostathis’ boot.

Ms. Escudero-Kontostathis did maintain burns on her left facet, the place she used to be sporting her non-public digital gadgets. She used to be too vulnerable to stroll in the beginning after the strike, however has come off of the respirator and has been moved out of the extensive care unit.

“The trauma physician got here up the previous day and mentioned she’s an ‘absolute miracle,’” mentioned Ms. Escudero to the Ventura County Star.

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