Further bananas? Here are three ways to make use of them in smoothies, truffles, oats

I hate letting meals move to waste. It’s probably the most causes I grocery store regularly, simplest purchasing what I’ll use instantly, relatively than buying meals for a couple of weeks at a time. 

But it doesn’t matter what I do, I at all times finish up with a surplus of bananas.

My intentions to consume the fruit, which is wealthy in potassium, nutrition C and fiber, says Lorraine Kearney, CEO and founding father of New York City Nutrition, sooner than a exercise or as a snack have a tendency to move unfulfilled.

Luckily, there are many tactics to make use of bananas sooner than they move dangerous — even though they are overripe. 

USA TODAY rounded up a couple of excellent recipes to use the flexible fruit within the kinds of breakfast, snack and dessert. 

Source Link: http://rssfeeds.usatoday.com/~/705574378/0/usatoday-lifetopstories~Muffins-overnight-oats-smoothies-What-to-do-with-an-excess-of-bananas/

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